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Why is it so hard to find the happiness you deserve?

Why is it so painful when the man you want is somehow out of your reach?

I completely believe that finding and keeping true love with the right man is meant for EVERY woman who is brave enough to want it.

That's where my teachings come in. I bring you a fresh and to-the-point, POSITIVE teaching that really works!

I've been helping women WIN at love since 2005, seeing women fall in love and be loved by wonderful men, over and over!

My teachings are for women who want to be loved and adored for who they really are.

Women return to my programs every day to remind themselves HOW TO HANDLE what coems up in their love life!

And now I have put all my programs behind ONE EXCLUSIVE DOOR so you have them at your fingertips, 24 hours a day.

Best of all, it only costs you pennies a day.

(We're living in crazy times, and I want my work to be affordable to everyone.)

You are meant to be loved and adored by a worthy man to share your life with.

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BONUS: Direct Answers From Mimi

No two men are alike!

No two relationships are alike!

At times, you need TO KNOW WHAT TO DO! That's what you get with Make Him Fall In Love Exclusive. Each month, I will announce Call In Times and you can call me (Mimi) directly to get the help you want. This is included in your membership at no extra cost!

This is what I specialize in - helping you understand your SPECIFIC man.

Do you think your situation is REALLY different? I specialize in that too! I've been helping women since 2005. Over these years, I have learned even more than when I began, too, both from your experiences and mine. You won't find a more dedicated student of the heart than me. You've come to the right place.

(If your situation needs a more intensive, longer consultation, we can do that at your request, for a fraction of my regular consultation fees.)

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Your membership gives you full access to the Make Him Fall In Love Exclusive Collection, Regular New Additions to the Collection, And Free Bonus Call-In Times to ask Mimi your relationship questions.

If you desire an in-depth private consultation with Mimi, you will have top priority, with ultra-low rates.

Please note: there are no refunds on monthly membership fees, but you can cancel your membership at any time.

You may cancel your membership by emailing Mimi at

You may pause and restart your membership at any time at the monthly rate in effect at the time you rejoin.

Purchasers with any refund history are not permitted to join or rejoin programs.

Questions? I'm Here To Help

For help, information, or questions, email You will receive a response within 4 hours except during evening and overnight US hours. On weekends, response time may be slightly longer.

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